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Noel J. Hadley is an independent journalist and the author of “Worthless Mysteries: Flat Earth, the Divine Council, & the Search for the Immortal Soul.” His research focuses primarily on the ancient Mystery religions stemming from ancient Babylon, classical philosophers, and the disastrous consequences of Hellenization, particularly the erroneous dark speeches which early church fathers introduced into Christian thinking, all of which obstinately stands in stark contrast to the reality of God’s personal Testimony in Hebrew Scripture.

Ministry is a longtime passion of his, particularly the health of newly married couples and young families. As a nationwide photographer he has documented weddings in almost every single state of the U.S. A former native of Southern California, he currently travels the world with his wife and twin sons, reading, researching, and writing. He resides part-time in his adopted city of Charleston, South Carolina

Our Way Is The Highway


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