Nate Wolfe


Nathan Wolfe came into a saving relationship with Jesus in his late teen years after
prayer and a study of repentance which led to him obeying the gospel of Christ. Nate’s higher
education includes completion of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible and a Master of Ministry
degree. Besides being a minister, has worn many secular hats as well, including Fire Fighter,
Social Worker and Police Officer. Nate has 26 years of volunteer and paid full-time ministry
experience and has served congregations in Alaska, Arkansas, Michigan, Idaho, and most
recently, Ohio. In 2016, while doing a study on the Genesis flood, Nate stumbled on to the topic
of “Flat Earth,” otherwise known as “Biblical Cosmology” or “Biblical Creation.” He studied this
topic diligently and prayed fervently. In August of 2018, he and his wife Jennifer attended a
conference on Biblical truths, “Take on the World 18” in Vermillion, Ohio.

After the conference, Nate and Jennifer began to pray more earnestly and seek the will
of God regarding what action to take with their new-found beliefs in the true Biblical Creation.
A few weeks after attending the conference, Nate was fired suddenly from the church in Ohio
that he ministered to faithfully for over 7 years. He was fired for attending the conference and
for seeking truths that were not accepted by the church. Since that time, the Father in Heaven
has opened a door for Nate to share true Biblical Creation full-time. Nate and Jennifer have
been married for 26 years, have four adult and teenaged children, and currently reside in the
Toledo, Ohio area.

Fired For Truth


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“Science” or the True Creation

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