Karen B. Endecott

Karen B

Karen B. is a stay at home mom who has always questioned the main stream narrative. After researching many well known deceptions such as 9/11, political and financial corruption and fraud, and the big pharma and medical industry duplicity, she finally stumbled on to the flat earth in the second half of 2015. Like everyone else, she set out to debunk the flat earth theory and ended up with many more questions than answers. This motivated her to keep researching and also start a youtube channel.

As well as being a mother of three children, Karen is the secretary for the non-profit scientific research group FECORE. She is also very active in the flat earth community as a content creator, a moderator for many flat earth channels and facebook groups and an admin for flat earth servers in Discord. Her YouTube channel name is Karen B.

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The Patricia Steere Flat Earth Video Awards 2019

Main Stage

The LIVE 2019 Flat Earth Video Awards Show with your hosts Mark Sargent and Karen B Who will win this year? So many amazing contributors! Good luck! Comments