Jared Chrestman

Through The Black

Jared Chrestman is co-creator of the organization “Through The Black” which has spawned several documentaries including “Detestable” and “This Is A War” as well as a growing YouTube platform.

Together he and Tom discuss all things within the Christian fringe community but tend to focus on spiritual warfare education and biblical studies having felt called to bring interviews and information about these topics to those who have nobody in their lives or churches speaking about them.

Together they approach subjects ranging from satanic ritual abuse to the new age infiltration of the church and everything in between. While currently working on several other documentaries Jared remains passionate that the only true, effective long-term strategy in any form of spiritual warfare is staying grounded in the word of God and learning as believers to exercise our authority in Christ our savior through faith alone. 

Jared believes that a deliverance ministry is a form of evangelism on steroids and every aspect of their many projects are centered on the foundation of the gospel. Ephesians 5:11 commands us to expose the works of darkness and Through The Black attempts to honor this by being good stewards of their God-given talents and abilities.



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The War Between Good & Evil

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You don’t want to miss this riveting session dealing with the spiritual war we all find ourselves in. Comments