Chad Taylor

Where Are We?

Chad Taylor is the founder of Rustic Trail Productions LLC. Chad has always had a passion for art in various forms and through his business he is able to share his vision with the world.

Chad is a Jesus follower, Biblical researcher, entrepreneur, husband and father. Over the years he has been a business coach and public speaker as well.  In December of 2017, after nearly two

years of effort, Chad released the groundbreaking book; “Where Are We? Earth according to the Bible.”  With over 100 illustrated examples, it shows once and for all how the Bible actually describes earth.




My Sessions

Flat Earth & The Bible Panel Q&A

Main Stage

Flat earth and the Bible Panel. What does the Bible say about creation and the Creator? You’ll have a chance to ask questions. Hosted by Robbie Davidson with Rob Skiba, Zen Garcia, Nathan Roberts, Chad Taylor & Pastor Nate Wolfe. Comments